How to pay your Metro Nashville beer privilege tax online

How to pay your Metro Nashville beer privilege tax online


With the addition of a handy dandy “Pay Now” button, the Metro Nashville Beer Permit Board has greatly simplified payment of the $100 annual privilege tax for beer permits. Beer permit privilege taxes are generally due by the end of the year. Metro Nashville’s is now available for payment.

Here’s how to pay your privilege tax. Log in to the Nashville e-Permits

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Enter the permit address and select the “address” button below the search bar, then click enter. Your list of permits should appear on the next screen. Select a beer permit and you should see the green “Pay Now” button in the top right corner.

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When you click the “Pay Now” button, you’ll be prompted to enter your credit card to pay the $100 annual privilege tax. A 2.3% convenience fee is charged, so the total will be $102.30.

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Do not forget to click the “Submit Payment” button in the bottom right corner. 

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A shout out to our newest liquor lawyer, Jan Margaret Craig, for step-by-step instructions on renewing your privilege tax.

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